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Homework assignments

Note on the private test data

A part of any programming assignment is generating test cases and testing the produced algorithm. It is a very important skill each programmer has to master, regardless of programming paradigm. Please, take the result of the automatic evaluation as a hint that you should continue this process. Do not ask for the private test data and do not ask what is wrong with your output in the evaluation system. In the real world, no one will give you even this feedback and if you release a product with serious mistakes, you will suffer losses in money and reputation. A more realistic evaluation of your work would be to run the automated evaluation only once, after the deadline, to score your submissions.

On the other hand, if you spend a long time (at least 4 hours) without any progress and you have created a decent set of your own test cases that pass without any problems. I encourage you to write your lab teachers to help you design additional test cases or possibly help identify the mistakes in your code.


Submit your solution as a zip archive containing a single file with an arbitrary name and *.ss extension. The submitted code must work with R5RS standard. Instruction “#lang” is not a part of the standard. The code should be submitted without it.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignemnt 3 Genetic Programming Intro

Submission system


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