PDF slides will be made available. The lectures, however, will also include blackboard sessions as well as live coding demonstrations. Active participation in lectures is expected.

date week lect. topic
05.10.2018 1. MR Introduction, the way of program. Variables, expressions, and statements. Lecture 1
12.10.2018 2. MR Program flow, conditionals, simple loops, simple data types Lecture 2
19.10.2018 3. MR Program structure, functions Lecture 3
26.10.2018 4. MR Compound data types, traversals to be specified
02.11.2018 5. MR Modules, namespaces to be specified
09.11.2018 6. MR Collections: sets, dictionaries, named tuples to be specified
16.11.2018 7. MR Files, I/O reading, writing data. to be specified
23.11.2018 8. MR MID-TERM TEST during the lecture! Clean code and how to write it Clean code and how to write it PEP8
30.11.2018 9. MR Debugging - practical examples to be specified
07.12.2018 10. MR Objects, classes I to be specified
14.12.2018 11. MR Objects, classes II to be specified
21.12.2018 12. MR Iterators, generators to be specified Itertools by example
04.01.2019 13. MR END-OF-TERM TEST during the lecture! Python by example 1000 python questions
11.01.2019 14. MR Testing programs. Unit tests. Exceptions. to be specified

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