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Lectures 2017 Fall

Lecture Day Day Handouts Lecturer
1. 4.10. Asymptotic complexity recapitulation. Graph representation. MST problem. Union-Find problem. 01a 01b Průša
2. 11.10. Directed graphs. Strongly Connected Components. Euler trail. 02 Berezovský
3. 18.10. Heaps: Binary, d-ary, binomial, Fibonacci. Heaps comparison. 03 Berezovský
4. 25.10. Isomorphism of general graphs and of trees. 04 Berezovský
5. 1.11. Generation and enumeration of combinatorial objects (subsets, k-element subsets, permutations). Gray codes. 05 Berezovský
6. 8.11. Finite automata, indeterminism, regular expressions, exact pattern matching. 08a
7. 15.11. Language operations, Approximate pattern matching with finite automata. 09 Průša
8. 22.11. Dictionary automata. Implementations of automata. 10 Průša
9. 29.11. Random numbers properties and generators. Prime number generators. Primality tests - randomized and exact. Fast powers. Prime factoring. 06 Berezovský
10. 6.12. Skip list, search trees: B, B+. 11@
11. 13.12. Search trees: 2-3-4, R-B, splay. 12a
12. 20.12. Searching in higher dimensions, K-D trees. 13 Průša
13. 3.1. Trie, suffix trie, binary trie. (In preparation) Průša
14. 10.1. Radix trie, segment tree (In preparation) Průša


Lecture05: Gray code and k-subsets, permutations.

Lecture09: Sieve of Eratosthenes.

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