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Parallel algorithms - seminars

Description of seminars

The aim of seminars is to familiarize students with the design and implementation of parallel algorithms and to practice the theory from lectures. The tasks are proposed in a way that enables to test/debug/run them on conventional computers. For the purpose of computationally demanding experiments, we arranged the access to Metacentrum. In order to show new trends in parallel programming, the semestral work is focused on Xeon Phi coprocessor.

Attendance at seminars (2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11) is not compulsory, however, strongly recommended. Our goal is to improve students' knowledge of parallel algorithms, not just to record presence.

Seminar schedule

n. Main topic Materials
1 Introduction to parallel programming, environment setting pag_intro, metacentrum,test_project
2 Introduction to Cpp11 threads cpp11threads,sources, tools_rental_solution
3 Advanced constructs in Cpp11 cpp11advanced,sources
4 Assignment of the semestral work + homework 1 lu-hw1,hw1-skeleton,instances,semestral-work,generator
5 OpenMP – basic constructs intro-OpenMP,sources
6 OpenMP – vectorization, parallel sort advanced-OpenMP,sources
7 Homework 2, deadline for homework 1 triag-hw2,triag_skeleton,instances
8 Semestral work - consultation
9 OpenMPI - distributed algorithms OpenMPI,sources
10 Homework 3, deadline for homework 2 heat-hw3,hw3-skeletonexample,extra_examples
11 Semestral work - consultation
12 Semestral work - consultation
- Canceled - Christmas holidays
13 Optional, semestral work consultation
14 Presentations of semestral works, student assessment


We strongly recommend avoiding plagiarism during your submission of your homework and semestral work. In case we reveal such misbehavior, we are obliged to proceed according to legitimite rules. If you have trouble to work out your task, do not hesitate to contact your teacher.

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