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Table of Contents

Lecture materials

This is a list of online materials for the robotics course lectures. Slides are the slides beamed during lectures, handouts are printable version of slides with basic equations and some explanations. It is recommended to print handouts before lecture and make a notes into the material during lectures or download them and comment using tablets.

Introduction slides, handouts
Kinematics slides, handouts
Geometry and algebra used in kinematics slides, handouts
Kinematics of serial manipulators slides, handouts
Denavit-Hartenberg step by step (by Tomas Pajdla) slides only
Denavit-Hartenberg example on real robot slides, handouts
Inverse kinematics of 6-DOF serial robot slides, handouts
Kinematics of parallel manipulators slides, handouts
Differential Kinematics slides, handouts
Statics slides, handouts
Robot Control slides, handouts
Actuators, drives, gearboxes slides, handouts
Mobile Robots Navigation slides, handouts
Videos for slides and separately (for automatic preview within slides, the videos shall be placed in the directory ../video/)

Time plan

The time plan is scheduled for actual lectures only, the semester has 14 weeks but one lecture is cancelled due to public holidays.

  1. Introduction, applications of robots
  2. Kinematics, terminology, degrees of freedom, structures
  3. Body in the coordinate system, transformation of coordinates
  4. Open kinematic chain, direct kinematics
  5. Denavit-Hartenberg notation
  6. Easter holidays
  7. Inverse kinematics
  8. Parallel manipulators
  9. Example: Analysis of complex kinematic chain with camera in measuring machine
  10. Differential kinematics, Jacobian
  11. Differential kinematics, applications, example
  12. Statics
  13. Robot control, Mobile robots navigation
  14. Applications of robots in industry
  • University Matlab license (the internet connection is needed to run the Matlab): https://download.cvut.cz It could be used at home or at dormitories, further information is at CTU web page.

Easy to read reference not only about 3D geometry.
Mathematical reference.
Robotics toolbox for Matlab.
Mobile robots used in store system.
How the store works.
BigDog legged robot.
Intersection of Two Circles

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