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I recommend to follow the checklist:

  • Arrange your university computer account. Remember the password or keep it, you will need it many times.
  • Register for the robotics AE3B33ROB course in the faculty information system (KOS). This is needed, otherwise you will not have a computer account on the Charles square campus.
  • Register into the time schedule in the faculty information system (KOS). This is needed, otherwise you will not have access to the home assignments.
  • Get Initial password for Novel Network at the Charles square.
  • Being in the Charles square in the computer lab, check that your login into Novel Network works. When login to Novel Network from computers at Charles square (e.g. room K-E132) specify following options in the Advanced tab:

Tree: FELK
Context: student.felk.cvut.cz
Server: kstudent

  • Check your access to the Home assignments upload system. Currently the update of the users database happen once a day at the morning and then it requires manual intervention by the teacher, so signing into the time schedule will not result in being of upload system user immediately. In the case of problems, contact me smutny@fel.cvut.cz, please.
  • Install Eduroam service, which allows you to connect to the WiFi network in computer rooms as well in other university premises. This is not necessary but very useful not only for robotics course.
  • Install MATLAB using University license. This is also not necessary but very handy.
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