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Laboratory time schedule

  1. Introduction, Matlab, home assignment on coordinate system conversion, alpha test.
  2. Introduction to Matlab, alpha test explanation. Coordinate transformation in plane, home assignment.
  3. Transformation from Euler angles to rotation matrix and back, home assignment. Representation of real numbers in computer.
  4. Easter Monday (holidays)
  5. Planar manipulator, direct kinematics, home assignment. How to write a report.
  6. Planar manipulator, inverse kinematics, home assignment.
  7. Denavit-Hartenberg notation, home assignment.
  8. 3-axis manipulator, direct kinematics, home assignment.
  9. 3-axis manipulator, inverse kinematics, home assignment.
  10. 6-axis manipulator, direct kinematics, home assignment.
  11. 6-axis manipulator, inverse kinematics, home assignment.
  12. Manipulator dexterity, home assignment.
  13. Examples, evaluation.

Home assignments - general rules

What to do and what not to do in home assigments.

  1. Do not use symbolic matlab toolbox (solve,…) in delivered functions (you can use it or any other tool during preparations of functions).
  2. In geometry, you often have to calculate angle out of something. You have to calculate it in all four quandrant cases. acos(), asin(), atan() and similar functions return the angle from the interval smaller than 2*pi, so you typically miss something. In most cases you can use atan2(x,y) (see help), in some cases you shall use acos() and then analyze the quadrant manualy from knowing e.g. sin of the calculated angle.
  3. Your functions are supposed not to display or write anything except of returning the output variables.
  4. When uploading your assignments, do not use any subdirectories.
  5. The numerical data are different for each student, so do not rely on the data or the solution you got from your friend.
  6. Check the syntax of your function by the command mlint. Your function shall not generate any mlint output, that is it should be warning free.
  7. The report shall contain at least: analysis of the problem, geometrical sketches or drawings when needed, brief derivation of the algebraic solution, implementation remarks when needed, conclusion and suggestions to improvement. The programming language code need not be included.

How to write a report

Assessment requirements

  1. All home assignments were delivered and gave correct results.
  2. All reports delivered and accepted.

Software and technical support

In case of problems, follow the checklist first.

Robotics toolbox:
archive copy: http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/cmp/courses/ROB/labsmaterial/robot.zip
home site: http://www.petercorke.com/Robotics_Toolbox.html

Examples of past practical assignments

Getting the cylinder out of maze by a robot.


Vladimir Smutny could be found in the room Nr. G10A (buillding G on Karlovo nam.), phone Nr. 7280, e-mail: mailto:smutny@cmp.felk.cvut.cz

Filip Radenovic could be found in the room Nr. G3, phone Nr. 5746, e-mail: mailto:filip.radenovic@cmp.felk.cvut.cz

Vladimir Smutny

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