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AE3B33OSD -- Operating Systems and Databases


Contact: Petr Stepan, stepan@labe.felk.cvut.cz

Operating System and Databases

1. 24/02 Introduction lecture1.pdf example1.tgz
2. Home work System calls lecture2.pdf example2.tgz
3. 08/03 CPU scheduling lecture3.pdf example3.tgz
4. 15/03 Process synchronization lecture4.pdf example4.tgz
5. 22/03 Deadlock detection lecture5.pdf
6. 29/03 Memory management lecture6.pdf lecture6b.pdf
7. 05/04 File system lecture7.pdf
8. 12/04 Networking lecture8.pdf
9. 19/04 Introduction - Databeses lecture9.pdf
10. 26/04 Relations and SQL lecture10.pdf
11. 03/05 Data Access lecture11.pdf
12. 10/05 Transactions lecture12.pdf
13. Rector's day Rector's day
14. 24/05 Database Recovery lecture13.pdf


The examination has two parts: Quiz and 2 Exercises.

For quiz you cannot use any material, you select correct answer from suggested answers (a,b,c,d).

For exercise you can use any printed or elctronic materials, you can use laptops, tablets, mobile phones. You cannot consult the exercise with other students, no chat, skype etc.

Topic for the exercise:

Scheduling scheduling.pdf

Deadlock deadlock.pdf

Memory memory.pdf

File Systems files.pdf

SQL sql.pdf

Practical course information

Labs: Petr Štěpán

week date Description Note
1 24.2. Course intro, OS Introduction
2 2.3. BASH basics
3 9.3. BASH scripting
4 16.3. Reqular expressions, system tools
5 23.3. Compile process in UNIX
6 30.3. POSIX file execution
7 6.4. System calls, inline assembly
8 13.4. OS loading, userspace, system calls
9 20.4. ELF file load and exec, DEADLINE: B Task
10 27.4. ER DBMS intro, DEADLINE: C1 Task
11 4.5. SQL basics,DEADLINE: C2 Task
12 11.5. Cancelled Rector's day (no education, sport activities, see FB page)
13 18.5. SQL practically: world.sql, DEADLINE: E0, E1, E2 Tasks
14 25.5. Presentations, DEADLINE: D Task, Assessment


In order to obtain (practical) course credit (assessment, zapocet[CZ]) you have to fulfill all the following points:

  1. Implement the A1–A5 tasks (simple BASH), Specification
  2. Implement the B task (BASH), Specification (Task reservation obligatory)
  3. Implement the C tasks (C1, C2), Specification (Makefile, system calls in C)
  4. Implement and personally present (show) the D task, Specification (SQL + BASH) (Task reservation obligatory)
  5. Implement and presonally present (show) the E (E0, E1, E2) tasks, Specification (NOVA microhypervisor)

All the tasks (A, B, C, D and E) must be uploaded via the Upload system.

You have to present working (error-free) solution even in case the project is worth 0 pts or less (usually in case of late upload). The points go with you to the exam.

In case of any doubts you might be asked to explain/demonstrate the knowledge you should have gained from the practical course1).

The points obtained for solving the tasks in the practical course go with you to the exam and help you get better grade.

Remote access

You can access the home directories via the k333stu1 server (IP:

In order to remotely debug your programs you can connect to the computers in the lab: these do not have public IP. You can connect to them via the k333stu1 server – use a name in the form e132-xx (xx is the PC number, 01–21), ev. e220-01e220-09, or even e230-XX, i.e.:

ssh e132-01

Please do not execute anything on the k333stu1 server. It's higher load would have a negative impact on the function of the whole lab.


Get certified!

If you are serious about learning Linux, you should get trained by some acknowledged authority. Linux Foundation has published an online course for free (via edX.org):


The course is self-paced and ends with a free certificate (a verified version is available for a fee).

You should give it a try at least!

Or, check Top 3 Online Resources for Learning the Command Line (For Linux and OS X).

Shell checker

There is a script (BASH) checker available shellcheck.net online. You might try to use it to improve your scripting skills.

Sample projects

An interesting game implemented in BASH: Caterpillar BASH game

Another interesting game implemented in BASH: ShellShock (not related to the recently disclosed Shellshock vulnerability), Announcement


The Upload system is equipped with automated advanced plagiarism detection feature. The plagiarism is reported automatically and can be a reason for ending your study. Make sure your work is original.

You can take a look in general rules. However, my rule is to negate (change a sign) the maximum points for the assignment.

i.e. if I find out that you do not know the basic commands and/or the commands you have used in your tasks, you can be deducted points achieved. In severe cases this might lead to the denial of the assessment.
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