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Lectures 2016

The course lectures are held on Tuesdays at 8:15 AM in a room KN:E-112.

week date lecturer topic download
1st Feb 23 Milan Rollo Course organization. What cybernetics and artificial intelligence are?

Lecture 1

2nd Mar 1 Milan Rollo Problem solving, uninformed methods for state-space search

Lecture 2

3rd Mar 8 Milan Rollo Informed methods for state-space search

Lecture 3

4th Mar 15 Daniel Novák Game theory, 2-player games

Lecture 4

5th Mar 22 Milan Rollo Alternative methods for state-space search

Lecture 5a Lecture 5b

6th Mar 29 Daniel Novák Machine learning

Lecture 6

7th Apr 5 Daniel Novák Probabilistic decision-making and classification

Lecture 7

8th Apr 12 Daniel Novák Neural networks

Lecture 8

9th Apr 19 Radek Mařík AI Planning

Lecture 9

10th Apr 26 Radek Mařík Scheduling

Lecture 10

11th May 3 Daniel Novák Aplications of artificial intelligence (expert systems, knowledge representation)

Lecture 11

12th May 10 Milan Rollo Genetic algorithms

Lecture 12

13th May 17 Milan Rollo Multi-agent systems

Lecture 13

14th May 24 reserve

Lecture 14

Additional materials for lectures are available on this page.

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