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Rules for completion of the course

  1. Seminars and labs are obligatory. 2 absences are allowed only.
  2. Submitting all term tasks assigned during the semester.
  3. Gain a sufficient number of points.
    • More than half points from the labs.
    • More than half points from the final exam.

Evaluation of the course

  1. You can obtain 100 points as maximum.
  2. During the semester you can get 60 points for the labs, 40 points for the final written and oral exam.
  3. Ratings for the seminars and labs:
    • The seminars are divided into three logical blocks; 1) learning and recognition, 2) state space searching, 3) planning and scheduling.
    • Within blocks regularly alternate seminar and laboratory exercises.
    • For each block you can get 20 points; 10 points for the programming task and 10 points for a partial test of the substances discussed in the appropriate block.
    1. Partial tests:
      • Tests will take place at the end of each block of exercises, roughly in about ⅓, ⅔, and before the end of the semester.
      • In the range of about 20-30 min.
      • Resitting of these tests is not allowed.
      • A test may be replaced only in the case of excused and substantiated absence in agreement with a seminar teacher (either in a form of an alternative work, another test assignment, etc.)
      • In this way it is possible to replace up to two tests at most.
    2. Term tasks:
      • The task are scored according to quality and timeliness of submissions submission.
      • The quality of a solution is defined by width of implementation (basic requirements versus voluntary and inventive extensions) and the level of discussion during the presentation.
      • If a student doesn't present the task to a teacher in the second block of the laboratory exercises, the maximum of attainable points is automatically rediced to 5.
      • If a student fails to present the task in the following labs (i.e. a month after its entry), no points will be granted. However, the task must still be delivered - it is a necessary condition for granting credit.
      • In the case of demonstrable surrender of plagiarism the participation of a student in the course is terminated.
  4. Final examination:
    • It consists of two parts (written and oral). The written part is mandatory for everyone and covers topics dealt with during the course.
    • From this written part you can get up to 40 points, minimum required is 10 points. If a student gets less than 10 points will automatically fail the whole exam (in the current term), even though the sum of points together with points from labs would be over 50.
    • If a student reaches from 10 to 19 points, then the oral part is obligatory. At the oral exam can receive up to 10 additional points. In sum, however, must get at least 20 points.
    • For students with 20 and more points from the written part is the oral part voluntary.
    • Oral exam aims to providing additional explanation from written part. The overal rating can be both improved, and worsened.
  5. Overall rating will be determined according to the The Study and Examination Code for Students of The Czech Technical University in Prague with ECTS grading scale:
Total points ECTS grade mark in words
100-90 A 1 Excellent
89-80 B 1.5 Very good
79-70 C 2 Good
69-60 D 2.5 Satisfactory
59-50 E 3 Sufficient
49 and less F 4 Fail
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