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Přednášející: Tomáš Svoboda, dříve Ondřej Drbohlav

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Abstrakt: (přednáška bude v češtině)
In the late 1990s, searching the internet was not as easy and pleasing as it is today. Results returned by search engines back then were quite often irrelevant, and it took a lot of time to find what one was looking for. Frustrated by such a fact of the day, two young students of Stanford University decided they wanted something better. They have created what has gradually evolved to the Google search engine. At the heart of it, an algorithm called PageRang is at work. PageRank can find out the importance of any internet site. It can do so automatically, from the data alone, and without human intervention. I I will demonstrate the ideas leading to the construction of PageRank, discuss the beautiful simplicity of it, and demonstrate its properties.

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