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Login to the lab's computer

Please, follow these links to establish the login to the lab's computers:

Remote connection to a lab's computer

1. Connect to the turtle server using the login student and password xxx:

tomas@laptop:~$ ssh student@turtle.felk.cvut.cz
It will ask you for your personal login (the same on as in the lab). Furthermore, it will ask you to pick a classroom, from which you should choose E230, or E132: Finally, the script will log you into a computer. You will be prompted if the given computer needs to be booted first. Give it some time in such as case. For the sake of this example, I was given the computer e132-06.

2. Start the xpra remote desktop app on the remote computer:

bacatoma@e132-06:~$ remote-desktop start xpra
Start the server only once!!!. You won't be able to connect to it if more instances are running. Check for running xpra instances by:
bacatoma@e132-06:~$ ps aux | grep '[X]org-for-Xpra'
… and eventually kill them by
bacatoma@e132-06:~$ pkill -f Xorg-for-Xpra

3. Install xpra on your local machine for Ubuntu, issue:

tomas@laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install -y xpra && pip3 install pynotify

4. Launch xpra on your local machine:

tomas@laptop:~$ xpra

5. Connect using the SSH→SSH proxy option. The first (proxy) server is the turtle.felk.cvut.cz, and the second (computer) server is the one given to you in the last step. Use you personal login and password for both. The program will ask you twice to confirm “yes” while logging in.

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