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Artificial inteligence (AI) tools

By AI tools we understand tools like ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, Google Bard, Github Copilot, Code Llama etc.. The rules for using them in the BE5B33RPZ course are as follows:

By default, it is allowed to use AI tools unless specified otherwise. However, you should know that although they may be helpful sometimes, they may also cause you harm.

  • We are aiming at teaching you certain algorithms and principles and our method is to solve the assignments. Our goal is NOT to teach you how to copy the assignment text into an AI tool and then copy the solution back.
  • Beware: You are the author of your solution even when you use AI to help you. You are responsible for any mistakes, which AI makes.
  • If you ask AI to assist you with the code, make sure you understand every bit of it. You may be asked to modify the code or to explain how it works. Much better is if you use the generated code to learn something new about the syntax and properties of the programming language, or how the task could be solved, but then (e.g. after 24 hours) you implement the solution again out of your newly gained knowledge and without using AI.
  • Uploading longer pieces of code generated by AI is not desirable and may be considered and treated similarly to plagiarism.

Let's be honest and open. If you are using these tools, talk to us, tell us which parts were solved using AI and how. Educate your teacher about their use! We are curious and grateful and willing to learn from you how to use these tools effectively.

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