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BSY – Introduction to Security

The course aims to give a high-level overview of problems in the security of information systems. Participants will be introduced into:

  • Theoretical models of access rights
  • Security of operating systems
  • Sandboxing (compartmentalization)
  • Security of browsers
  • Security of web applications
  • Pitfalls of network protocols
  • denial of service attacks
  • Designing secure applications
  • Verification of correctness
  • Testing

After the course, you should be able to find information sources related to your security problems.

Both lectures and labs are conducted in English.

Class Facilitators

doc. Ing. Tomáš Pevný, PhDIng. Sebastian Garcia, PhDIng. Maria RigakiIng. Ondřej LukášIng. Veronica Valeros
LecturerTeacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant
Lecturer Lab Team (Always put all TAs in a copy)

Requirements & Grading

For successful class completion, students must collect at least 30 points (out of 50) from the practical assignments and pass the final exam. The exam consists of both practical tasks(hands-on, similar to assignments) and theoretical questions from the topics covered in the lectures. The maximum amount of points in the exam is 100 (10 questions, 10 points each). The final grade of the class is given using the standard CTU grading scale as a sum of all points:

Points required90+81-8970-7960-6950-59<50
The Bonus Assignment will be available during Christmas break. Students who manage to solve the bonus assignment can choose not to attend the exam. See details


How do I pass the course?
You must collect at least 30 points from the assignments to get an Assessment (Zapocet). After that you need to get at least 51 points from the exam to pass the course.

What are the due dates? Is there a penalty for submitting my work after the due date?

Each assignment has a hard deadline. Submission is not possible after the deadline.

Can I re-submit an assignment?

Yes, but in some cases, there are limits on the flag submission so we prevent brute-forcing.

Do I have to submit all assignments?

No, you don't have to submit everything as long as the number of points exceeds 30. Any surplus in assignment points can be transferred to the exam.

Can I submit the bonus assignment and still take the practical exam?

Yes, you can take the exam after submitting the bonus assignment. If you earn more points in the exam, your grade will be improved.

My container is not working. What do I do?

Contact TAs via email or Discord.
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