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XP36APL – Automated Planning (PhD course)




Lectures will take place each Monday at 9:15 - 10:45 at KN-E301. Lectures will be shared with the Masters module (BE4M36PUI – Planning for Artificial Intelligence). The materials can be found here.


The exam will be conducted orally (the expected length of examination is 30 minutes).

Topics for the exam

  • Classical planning
    • Planning Representation - PDDL, SAS (FDR), STRIPS
    • Search algorithms
    • Properties of heuristics
    • Abstractions
    • Relaxations
    • Landmarks and LM-cut
    • LP heuristics
  • Planning with uncertainty
    • Formalisms (MDP)
    • Simple temporal networks
    • MDP algorithms
    • Monte Carlo Tree Search
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