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Exam instructions

Both exam terms will be held in hybrid mode, i.e. you can attend in presence or online. The duration is 90min.

Allowed materials: You are allowed to use your own notes (only).

If you attend online:

  • There will be a BBB conference room opened during the entire duration of the exam. You can ask questions in case of uncertainties in assignment formulations.
  • The exam assignments will be available in the BBB room for download.
  • You will have 15 more minutes for preparing scans/photos of your solutions and uploading them to the upload system (BRUTE). Allowed upload formats: archive (zip, tar, tgz, bz2).
  • We rely on your fairness and abstain from any form of surveillance.

BBB rooms:

  • Term 1 (31.05., 9:45-11:15) bbb
  • Term 2 (21.06., 11:30-13:00) bbb
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