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a4m33gvg − Geometry of Computer Vision and Graphics − Exercises

Orig. Week Date Topic Pen & Paper Due Assignment Deadline
01 17.2. Test alpha Example HW-01
Image Coordinate System, Basic Elements of LA
02 24.2. Projection Matrix of a Perspective Camera HW-02
02.3. Cancelled HW-01
03 09.3. Camera calibration and pose HW-03 HW-02
04 16.3. Calibrated camera pose 1 HW-04a
05 23.3. Calibrated camera pose 2 HW-04b HW03
06 30.3. Homography, Ex-06 HW-05 HW-04a
07 6.4. Panorama, Ex-07 - video Ex-06:5, Ex-06:6 HW-06 HW-04b
08 13.4. Easter monday HW-05
09 20.4. Calibration from vanishing points HW-07 HW-06
Test-01 Examplevideo
10 27.4. Calibration from vanishing points (continued) Test-02-Example:6,7; solution: 06a, 06b, 07a, 07b
11 4.5. Epipolar geometry HW-08 HW-07
Test-02 Example
12 11.5. 3D reconstruction with calibrated camera I,Ex-10 Ex-10:3, Ex-10:4; solution 04a, 04b, 04c HW-09a
13 18.5. 3D reconstruction with calibrated camera II HW-09b HW-08
14 25.5. Test-03 Example HW-09a
1.6. HW-09b

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