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HW 2 - Camera Calibration


  1. Download source code package and implement missing parts in module intrinsics.py (see below)
  2. Get familiar with pinhole camera model, nonlinear distortion model and respective calibration routines from OpenCV
  3. Calibrate camera intrinsic parameters
    • Implement function
      • intrinsics.calibrate
    • Using functions
      • cv2.findChessboardCorners
      • cv2.cornerSubPix (limit search window size winSize to avoid excessive corrections)
      • cv2.calibrateCamera (use the rational model without tangential distorion from the lecture: flags=cv2.CALIB_RATIONAL_MODEL + cv2.CALIB_ZERO_TANGENT_DIST)
  4. Convert camera intrinsics parameters (camera matrix and field of view)
    • Implement functions
      • intrinsics.create_camera_matrix
      • intrinsics.camera_field_of_view
  5. Undistort images using the intrinsic parameters found and new pinhole camera parameters
    • Implement function
      • intrinsics.remap
    • Using
      • cv2.initUndistortRectifyMap
      • cv2.remap (use bilinear interpolation)

Module Usage

python multimodal_dataset.py --help
python intrinsics.py --help
Print out command-line parameters of the modules.

python multimodal_dataset.py download
python multimodal_dataset.py calibrate
Download the multimodal dataset [1] and calibrate intrinsic parameters of its cameras (calls intrinsics.calibrate). The calibration is saved into the following JSON files:

  • data/multimodal_ir_intrinsics.json
  • data/multimodal_left_intrinsics.json
  • data/multimodal_right_intrinsics.json

python intrinsics.py calibrate intrinsics.json --pattern COLS ROWS --unit UNIT -- IMAGE [IMAGE ...]
python intrinsics.py calibrate intrinsics.json --pattern COLS ROWS --unit X_UNIT Y_UNIT Z_UNIT -- IMAGE [IMAGE ...]
python intrinsics.py calibrate data/multimodal_left_intrinsics.json --pattern 8 9 --unit 0.061 0.047 0.0 -- data/calibration_sequence_I/*Left.ppm
python intrinsics.py calibrate data/multimodal_right_intrinsics.json --pattern 8 9 --unit 0.061 0.047 0.0 -- data/calibration_sequence_I/*Right.ppm
Calibrate camera using list of files and parameters of the calibration pattern (calls intrinsics.calibrate). The calibration is saved to the specified file.
The last two commands partially reproduce the calibration done in python multimodal_dataset.py calibrate (excl. the infra-red camera).

python intrinsics.py remap intrinsics.json --fov FOV --size ROWS COLS IMAGE [IMAGE ...]
python intrinsics.py remap data/multimodal_ir_intrinsics.json --fov 40 --size 426 534 data/calibration_sequence_I/*IR1_crop.bmp
Undistort (i.e., removes radial distortion from) images using the calibration (calls intrinsics.remap and intrinsics.create_camera_matrix). The images are re-projected into new pinhole camera with given parameters (field of view and image size).

python intrinsics.py remap intrinsics.json --alpha ALPHA IMAGE [IMAGE ...]
python intrinsics.py remap data/multimodal_left_intrinsics.json --alpha 0 data/calibration_sequence_I/*Left.ppm
python intrinsics.py remap data/multimodal_left_intrinsics.json --alpha 1 data/calibration_sequence_I/*Left.ppm
Undistort images using the calibration (calls intrinsics.remap and intrinsics.camera_field_of_view). Instead of specifying the parameters manually, an optimal camera parameters are estimated to ensure all pixels are valid (--alpha 0) or no information is lost (--alpha 1). Any value in-between can also be used.

Expected Results

Expected re-projection errors (the 1st output of cv2.calibrateCamera) for the multimodal dataset are approximatelly:

  • Left camera: 0.37 px (0.67 px without sub-pixel refinement via cv2.cornerSubPix)
  • Right camera: 0.33 px (0.68 px)
  • IR camera: 0.78 px (1.27 px)

Original and undistorted images from the left camera should look similarly to these:

Original Undistorted, --alpha 0 Undistorted, --alpha 1


[1] Barrera F., Lumbreras F., Sappa A. Multimodal Stereo Vision System: 3D Data Extraction and Algorithm Evaluation. In IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Vol. 6, No. 5, September 2012, pp. 437–446.

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