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Labs on the Correspondence problem

  • Introduction Image derivatives, convolution, geometrical image transform. All solutions are provided.
  • Correspondence Problem The correspondence pipeline: Detection, Description, Tentative correspondence matching and RANSAC. There are assignments to be completed.

Delivering your results

You are supposed to complete several simple programming tasks. All functions and data file you are supposed to upload are specified in the assignments above (see What you should upload? sections). Five tasks 0-4 are defined. Task 0 is the Introduction and we do provide all solutions that are used later on. Then the Correspondence Problem defines 4 tasks: (1) Detection, (2) Description, (3) Matching+RANSAC, (4) Testing your pipeline.

Please do strictly respect the format to deliver your results. Download template.zip file, that provides the template for your upload.


Upload all required functions and all non-standard functions needed to run your code, pack the result into the zip file and rename it according to your username, <USERNAME>.zip.

Note that, for some of the problems we provided our solutions. These functions are already stored in the respective folders together with a readme.txt file listing the required functions.

Testing your results

Before submitting your results <USERNAME>.zip, you should carefully test your codes. All tasks has a standardized test protocols and we provide visual comparison to our solution. See Testing sections of all respective tasks. You can test all you results at ones by the following script: evaluate.zip . Unpack the content, place your <USERNAME>.zip file at the same level as evaluate.m and execute. The script will run all standard tests. The script creates adirectory EVAL/<USERNAME>/task_%i/ where tests and your solutions are copied, test.m scripts are executed by matlab publish command and finally a html notebooks are produced: EVAL/<USERNAME>/task_%i/html/test.html. Compare generated html from your codes with our reference html notebooks.

Note that your teacher will use the same script to test your codes.

Our reference html notebooks: task_0, task_1, task_2, task_3, task_4.

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