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General Instructions for Submitting GVG Homeworks


Your homeworks should be submitted via Upload system. Usually a single zip/tgz archive should be uploaded.

Entry Point

A homework has usually an entry point of your implementation – a Matlab script hw<id>.m, where id is two digit number of the homework. When run without arguments in its directory, all required results must be computed, figures shown and output files written, without any manual intervention.

This means, that if manual annotation of point is done, the points must be stored somehow and loaded by your code. Also all required data (provided by us) must be bundled.

Content of the Archive

Required Files

Each homework has a required set of files specified. Since the files are often automatically evaluated, their names and format must be used exactly as specified. This concerns sizes of data matrices, the order and sizes of return values of Matlab functions, etc. Moreover, the required files must be in the root directory of the archive, i.e., they must not be in any subdirectories. If a required file is a matlab script, and it uses some other file, this used file must be in the root as well.

Other Files

You can split your implementation of a task into a set of functions stored in several m-files. These files can be put in subdirectories, if needed. Then all these files and directories must be included in the archive and the entry point script must properly set-up matlab path. The above apply also for the functions from the Tools repository.

Here is an example solution

if( ~exist( 'subfig', 'file' ) )
  addpath Tools

if( ~exist( 'my_specific_function', 'file' ) )
  addpath my_library
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