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Subtopic selection and its short description, review of relevant public data sources (existing data sets, existing ontologies, books, web pages). Expected subtopics are (but not limited to) construction (car typology/components, aircraft typology/components, …), operation (time-tables, flight plans), safety (occurrence/accident reports), infrastructure (roads, flight routes, cycling routes). Some resources that might help you find useful data are below. We expect you to find also other data sources.

The subtopic you select (e.g. Aviation Safety in the Czech Republic) must involve at least two data sources provided by two different parties/organizations (e.g. “Safety Accident Database by Air Investigation Institute” and “Aircraft register by Civil Aviation Authority”).


1-2 pages PDF describing subtopic selection, your motivation for the topic, data source selection and short description (how complex the data schema is, how much data the data source contains, what kind of data it contains, etc).

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