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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (A4B33ZUI,AE4B33ZUI)

This course provides an introduction to the symbolic artificial intelligence. It presents the algorithms for informed and non-informed state space search, nontraditional methods of problem solving, knowledge representation by means of formal logic, methods of automated reasoning and introduction to markovian decision making

General information

Credit allowance conditions

  • Getting the seminar credit - you will not be allowed to pass the exam without this one.
  • Passing the exam.
  • Points gathered from the seminar assignments are added to points from the exam and form the final grade according to standard university rules.

Seminar credit allowance conditions

  • Participation and active work at all seminars (up to 2 absences without an excuse will be tolerated).
  • Gathering at least 25 points from the assignments (out of 50).
  • Submitting all assignments during the term and receiving at least 50% of points from each of the assignment for the content.
    • You can choose one assignment, for which you don't have to get 50% of points. However, the assignment needs to be submitted.
    • Getting the points for the fulfilling 50% of the assignment are computed before the deduction of points for late submission penalty.
    • The late submission penalty is 50, 75 and 100% percent of points for being late by up to 24 hours, 48 hours, more than 48 hours.

The exam

Exam rules:

  • The exam is written and takes approximately 150 minutes
  • After the evaluation of the written part, possible ambiguities are cleared between the examiner and the student in a short discussion
    • Discussion is not graded. However, it may lead to the re-evaluation of the student's score (typically a few points upwards)

Exam passing conditions:

  • Getting 25 point out of 50

Exam dates [2017]:

  • Thursday 8.6. 13:00 in KN:E-301
  • Thursday 15.6. 9:00 in KN:E-301
  • Thursday 22.6. 9:00 in KN:E-301
  • Thursday 7.9. 9:30 in KN:E-107


  • [AIMA] Russel, S. a Norvig, P.: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (2nd edition), Prentice Hall, 2003
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