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Semester Project

Group organization

Each group MUST contain 5 students. The work must be distributed among the group. In general, the final project report must contain 4+1 design views of the system that forms the software architecture. Ideally, each student must be dedicated to one view in the system.

Project Evaluation Criteria and Point Destribution

Each project must be simulated and executed on Palladio platform. Without implementation and execution, the group will not pass.

Total project points: 40%

Minumum points to pass: 25%

The final Report must contain the following activities.

As far as there are two architectures for a system, each architecture will take the same point

Activity Points

Physical View 3 Points X 2 Arch = 6

Logical View 3 Points X 2 Arch = 6

Process View 3 Points X 2 Arch = 6

Development View 3 Points X 2 Arch = 6

Scenario 2 Points X 2 Arch = 4

Evaluation 3 Points X 2 Arch = 6

Graph Explanation and clearness 1 Point

Conclusion 3 Points

Suggestion 2 Points

Total 40%

The project must be Submitted in a zip file by email to the instructor for evaluation. Without submission of final project in soft copy, the group cannot pass Draw the graphs in Palladio and export them to your report

How to pass the Semester Project?

  1. Choose an IoT application service from the list of applications provided by the instructor.
  2. Get to know Palladio Simulator tool.
  3. Distribute the jobs among the group equally. It is better to have a group leader.
  4. Decide on two different architectures of the system.
  5. For each architecture, draw the 4 views and 1 Scenario.
  6. Implement all views and scenarios in Palladio.
  7. Run the simulator and evaluate.
  8. Compare both architectures based on the evaluation.
  9. In the conclusion, decide which architecture is better and why?
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