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7 Labs will be held by using the Palladio Simulator, which is an opensource software architecture simulator. To download the tool and learn more about it, visit the Palladio page here.

Labs in detail.

  1. Introduction, Instructions, Semestral project selection, and tool preparation.
  2. Hands-on Palladio and how to model a design.
  3. Design Patterns: Creational, Structural, and Behavioural Patterns
  4. Architecture Diagrams: Software Modeling and Visualization
  5. Architectural style, modelling and Simulation.
  6. Architectural style, modelling and Simulation.
  7. Analysis and evaluation of Software Architecture using Simulation
  8. Case study
  9. Service-Oriented Architecture I – Red Hat
  10. Service-Oriented Architecture II – Red Hat
  11. Cloud applications and their architectural styles – Red Hat
  12. Security and Trust for Software Architectures – Red Hat
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