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No. Date Topic
1. 23.2. Introduction to declarative programming languages. Comparison to classical imperative languages. Introduction to programming for artificial intelligence.
2. 2.3. Lisp and Scheme: basic language idioms, atoms, lists, recursion.
3. 9.3. Scheme: lambda abstraction, built-in functions, advanced data structures.
4. 16.3. Scheme: relations between iterations and tail recursion optimisations guaranteed by the language standard, built-in high-order functions.
5. 23.3. Scheme: state space search, applications in artificial intelligence.


No. Date Topic
6. 30.3. Haskell: types, patterns, built-in functions, lambda abstraction.
7. 6.4. Haskell: advanced properties of the language in comparison to Scheme.

Prolog (we follow Peter Flach's Simply Logical course book)

No. Date Topic
8. 13.4. Prolog: facts, rules and queries. Recursion. Query answering.
9. 20.4. Prolog: functions and list operations (SL chapter 1 cont'd)
10. 27.4. Prolog and logic: clauses, Herbrand base, interpretation, model, closed-world assumption, decidability.
11. 4.5. Cut and negation. Extralogical operators, arithmetics.
12a. 12b. 18.5. Combinatorial search in Prolog.
13. 25.5. Inductive reasoning in logic

prolog-model_questions.pdf Three exemplary examination questions (Prolog part)

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