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Credit (zápočet)

To receive the credit, a student has to:

  • Attend the courses in an extent see below.
  • Have passed the two written exams during the semester.
  • Successfully submit the semester work.
  • Consult the semester work.


In general the attendance is compulsory according to the study rules. In this case the the attendance will be checked at random.

Semester work

Students may choose a cloud platform, consult the semester work with the respective teacher and implement. In previously consulted special cases a semester work may be shared by two students.

Students may choose one of offered themes or propose their own.

Deadline for submission of semester work is until the end of semester. It is possible to submit semester work after the deadline, but within two following weeks and for lowered maximum (15).


Exam is written and oral. It consist of a combination of theoretical exam and practical example.


Item Min Max
Home work010
Written test 1010
Written test 2010
Semester work1020
Written exam1535
Oral exam015

Total assessment

The assessment follows the study and assessment rules of CTU.

Grade From To Grade name
A 91 100 výborně
B 81 90 velmi dobře
C 71 80 dobře
D 61 70 uspokojivě
E 51 60 dostatečně
F less than 50 nedostatečně


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