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There will be two main types of seminars within the course:

  • tutorials and exercises on the topics covered by lectures, algorithm implementation in Java,
  • consultations on assignments - individual analysis of the solved problem and discussions on the progress made and further steps towards completing the task.

There are also a midterm test and oral presentations of the assignment results planned on certain weeks.

Students use a development platform of their choice to implement the programs for their assignment (typically C/C++, Java, Matlab or Mathematica).

An expected average home preparation time is 5 hours per week.

Seminar Date Topic Materials
1. 25.2. Survey of successful applications of neural networks ann_examples-2016.pdf
2. 3.3. Data mining JavaNNS, JavaNNS (Win), data.zip, JavaNNS (Mac), snnsv4.2.manual.pdf, Quick Guide to javaNNS RapidMiner RapidMiner download Glass data Three-way data splits
3. 10.3. Successful applications of evolutionary algorithms, EA individual project assignment applications_of_eas_2015.pdf, individual_projects_ea_2016.pdf, individual projects ANNs
4. 17.3. Evolutionary models (steady-state, generational, etc.) (Java) CheatSheet, sga_source_codes.zip, solution
5. 24.3. Consultations on assignment, implementing MLP evaluation and back-propagation learning (Java) Cheatsheet, Cheatsheet2, Sources, solution
6. 31.3. Evolutionary algorithms: implementing and testing crossover/mutation operators (Java) Sources, Cheatsheet, Solution, TSP references
7. 7.4. Consultations on assignment
8. 14.4. Recurrent ANNs: synchronous/asynchronous evaluation (Java) Cheatsheet, Sources
9. 21.4. Consultations on assignment
10. 28.4. Midterm test. example test, Test results
11. 5.5. Consultations on assignment
12. 12.5. multiobjective optimization: NSGA (Java) Sources, cheatsheet_nsga2.pdf
13. 19.5. Deadline for the program implementation, presentations of the program implementations
14. 26.5. Deadline for the report submission, presentations of the program implementations, Credits

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