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Please note: The course information for 2016/2017 is on moodle:


  • A lecture by Ludek Chomat was re-scheduled to May 9, 2016. It will be given in Czech.
  • Submit your second report by April 21, 2016 through the upload system.
  • Teams have been assigned to teachers. Who is your teacher is found here.
  • The upload system has been open. Register your team and your topic by Feb 29, 2016. Please follow the instructions.

Práce v týmu a její organizace / Team Work

  • Responsible for this course: Jan Čech and Ondřej Drbohlav
  • The Course spreads over 3 departments of the faculty: Dept. of Measurement, Dept. of Control Engineering, Dept. of Cybernetics. The Lab organizers are, per department: Martin Šipoš (Dept. Measurement), Richard Šusta (Dept. Control Eng.), Ondřej Drbohlav (Dept. Cybernetics)
  • The Lectures will be given by the experts from the industry.
  • The Lab meetings will be organized 3 times during the semester (see schedule). The exact times of Lab meetings will be different on each Department (but all within the given week).

Idea of the Course in one paragraph of text

You will work in a small team (4-6 people) on a real-world problem. You will need to plan your work, your milestones, analyze risks, have plan B for fixing the project if something goes wrong. You will need to divide work amongst the members of your team and communicate to be synchronized in your progress. Your work will solve the technical problem you will be assigned, and possibly even make an impact. You will be graded mainly by the technical quality of the result of your work (see below for details of grading).

Project Topics

  • The list is here. Register your team and your topic here by Feb 29, 2016.
  •  http://dce.fel.cvut.cz/studium/studentske-projekty/siemens-embedded-academySiemens Embedded Academy is run as a full-fledged module in this Course. You are welcome to enroll. The Labs of the SEA are organized independently and substitute the “ordinary” Labs of the course, meaning there are no presentations/reports to prepare and give on top of those done within SEA.

Conditions for obtaining the assessment

  1. giving all presentations
  2. submitting all the reports
  3. approval from the Project Tutor


week lecture date lect. lang. lecture your action / lab
1 22.2. ENG Jiří Čihák (Siemens), Product Lifecycle Management I. select your project topic
2 29.2. ENG Michal Aftanas (Siemens), Product Lifecycle Management II. deadline on project topic selection
3 07.3. none
4 14.3. none submit 1st report
5 21.3. none 1st presentation evaluation form
6 28.3. none (Easter Monday)
7 04.4. CZ Ivo Jurman (Business Success), Jak předejít potížím při řízení projektu
8 11.4. ENG Petr Palatka (Neovision), Precise specification as necessity towards a successful project
9 18.4. none submit 2nd report
10 25.4 none 2nd presentation evaluation form
11 02.5. ENG Petr Somol (Cisco, UTIA AV CR), The Pursuit of Innovation: Scaling the Walls between Scientific Research and Software Engineering
12 09.5. CZ Luděk Chomát (Koito Czech), Nové projekty
13 16.5. ENG Juraj Prstek (Valeo, Prague), Team Work submit final report
14 23.5. none final presentation evaluation form

Grading in this Course

You will obtain points (sum = 100)

  • up to 50: technical quality of the project - awarded by your Project Tutor.
  • up to 35: your written reports
  • up to 15: quality of your presentations (1st presentation 5, 2nd presentation 5, final presentation 5)

You will also receive bonus points for attending the lectures, 1 point each (max 7 points). We want you to be coming to the lectures regularly because 1) it is what lectures are for, and 2) we have found experts who are from the industry and who kindly agreed to give their lecture/s at this course at their own expenses and in their own “spare” time. This is a great value, and we want you to take it.

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