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Evaluation scale

Evaluation scale is according to The Study and Examination Code for Students of CTU in Prague.

Grade Points Evaluation in words
A 90 and more excellent
B 80 - 89 very good
C 70 - 79 good
D 60 - 69 satisfactory
E 50 - 59 sufficient
F less than 50 failed

Evaluation of seminaries/labs and assessment

Students will be evaluated for theirs homework, entrance and midterm tests and a team project. A gain of minimal number of points specified for each category is obligatory to award the assessment. Failure to comply with some part of the evaluation (i.e. not presenting a team project) would result in denial of the assessment.

Category Points Obligatory
4 home works 24 10
Midterm test (9. laboratory exercise ) 20 10
Team project 20 5
Total 64


The test consists of two parts:

The part Points Obligatory
Exam (written) test 30 15
Oral examination +/- 10

Exam test

The written part is organized as a test. The student must obtain at least the required minimum points. He/she can decide whether to accept grade that it specified for obtained points (exam points + seminaries points) or to continue by the oral examination. Examiner can ask student some some questions even if he/she accept grade to check basic knowledge level. In the event of a failure to answer, the fundamental lack of knowledge can result in any grade from the full scale.

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