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 +=== DataMatrix signature for reports ===
 +    - Insert the datamatrix code into each page of your report. ​
 +    - The datamatrix code can be obtained [[http://​invx.com|here]].
 +    - Enter your username into the appropriate field on the webpage. ​
 +    - The generated code (the right one, DataMatrix) can be saved as an image.
 +    - The image is expected to be found in the left bottom corner of each page, size cca 15 mm. Next to it, there should be your username in a text-box as well. Make sure that the image is inserted correctly, ie. it is not resampled.
 +    - There should be empty space around the image, so it is clearly separated from the contents of the page.
 +Exaple: {{:​help:​common:​datamatrix.png?​50|}} sehyl barnes
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