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 +====== Lab12 - Project evaluation ======
 +The term project evaluation will be performed by issuing commands to different boards and evaluating the response. ​
 +**The testing will be performed as follows:**
 +  - The student will connect his/her Nucleo and Adafruit shield (the device) to the computer.
 +  - The student will be required to use cat command to send "​*IDN?"​ and "​JOYSTICK?"​ command to the device.
 +  - The student will run his NucTerm ([[courses:​be5b99cpl:​labs:​lab09]]) application and connect to the device.
 +  - These commands will be evaluated: "​*IDN?",​ "LED ON", "LED OFF", "​HELLO"​.
 +  - The student will require the application to send to the device a predefined data set - please see below.
 +  - The student will be required to demonstrate the capability to use the flow controlled data set as it is described in [[courses:​be5b99cpl:​labs:​lab09]].
 +**Example of the predefined data set**
 +The automatic testing will be performed by a predefined text test file which will be loaded into the students programs. The content of the file can be as follows:
 +DRAW:CIRCLE 79,20,10
 +DRAW:LINE 55,​40,​60,​45 ​
 +DRAW:LINE 68,​45,​73,​40 ​
 +DRAW:LINE 60,​45,​68,​45 ​
 +DRAW:TEXT 64,​120,​Nucleo RULEZ!,1
 +**The test data set**
 +  * The main control file: {{courses:​be5b99cpl:​labs:​main.txt|}}
 +  * The first include: {{courses:​be5b99cpl:​labs:​intro.txt|}}
 +  * The second include: {{courses:​be5b99cpl:​labs:​splash.txt|}}
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