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 +====== Lab01 - Introduction to the Computer Laboratory and C Programming Language ======
 +  * Introduction to the computer environment - password settings and eventually ownCloud setup
 +  * Introduction to the working environment - terminal control and elementary commands: ''​ls'',​ ''​cd'',​ ''​pwd'',​ ''​mkdir'',​ ''​cp'',​ ''​mv'',​ ''​rm'',​ ''​touch'',​ and ''​man''​. Further commands such as ''​locate'',​ ''​cat'',​ ''​hexdump''​ and ''​find''​.
 +  * Download souces from the 1st lecture {{courses:​be5b99cpl:​lectures:​be5b99cpl-lec01-codes.zip|}}
 +  * Compile the first program be5b99cpl-lec01-codes/​program.c
 +clang -Wall -pedantic -std=c99 program.c -o main
 +</​code> ​
 +gcc -Wall -pedantic -std=c99 program.c -o main
 +</​code>  ​
 + * Compile and executed the program ''​lec01/​var.c''​
 +  * Setup your working environment,​ e.g., 
 +clang var.c && ./a.out
 +   * Test to executed the program as in the lecture example
 +clang var.c -o var
 +./var; echo $?
 +./var 1 2 3; echo $?
 +./var aaa; echo $?
 +   * Compile the code with ''​-E''​ and ''​-S''​ options
 +   * Evaluate the executable binary in dynamically and statically linked, use the ''​strip''​ tool to reduce the program size. Evaluate ''​-OS''​ compiler flag.
 +   * Become familiar with your selected favorite editor for editing sources, e.g., gedit, sublime, vim. 
 +For the ''​gedit'',​ you cannot configure the formatting of the source according to the CPL recommendation coding style using ''​clang-format''​ using script available in the archive {{courses:​be5b99cpl:​labs:​setup_gedit.zip|}}. You can download the archive, unzip the file, and execute the script as follows:
 +  ​
 +wget http://​cw.fel.cvut.cz/​wiki/​_media/​courses/​be5b99cpl/​labs/​setup_gedit.zip
 +unzip setup_gedit.zip
 +===== Lab tasks =====
 +   * Test sizes of the numeric data types ''​lec01/​types.c'',​ ''​lec01/​points.c''​
 +   * Write simple macros for defining symbolic constant as a nested expression (using other macros).
 +   * Evaluate the defined macros defined with and without enclosing brackets
 +   * Become familiar with the program ''​lec01/​main_env.c''​
 +   * Write a simple program to parse a single value using ''​scanf()''​ and report message to ''​stdout''​ and ''​stderr''​
 +   * Write a simple program to parse a sequence of numbers using ''​scanf()''​ and ''​printf()'',​ read integer values and report average values computed to 2 decimal places.
 +   * Write a program that reports information about the passed arguments to the program (''​argc'',​ ''​argv''​)
 +   * Write a simple program to read characters from ''​stdin''​ using ''​getchar()''​ and write them to ''​stdout''​ using ''​putchar()''​. Consider the program for copying files.
 +===== Further tasks =====
 +Implement programs in exercises and programming Projects of Chapters 2 and 3 of the K.K. King textbook.
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