Lab08 - Randomized Sampling-based Motion Planning contd.

Motivations and Goals
Test the planning algorithm with a real walking robot
Tasks (teacher)
Prepare an evaluation scenario for testing with a real hexapod walking robot

Experimental arena

width 3.1 m
height 2.3 m
obstacle size $\qquad$ $\qquad$ 0.1 m
example maze maze

Coordinate transformations between the grid map and the real-world coordinates
The origin of the coordinate system in V-REP is centered with respect to the imported map, whereas the real-world localization provides the robot with the coordinates in the first quadrant of the coordinate space. Hence, the lower left corner of the map has real-world coordinates (0, 0). The localization system provides the robot with metric coordinates.

Prepare the evaluation scenario for the robot and correct the coordinate transformation for the robot to correctly follow the path. Use the script from lab04 or lab06.
Test the navigation pipeline with the real hexapod robot.

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